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$120k/Year Google Ad Grant

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Using tools and strategies we have perfected to amplify the impact that your nonprofit is making every day. Giving you the opportunity to get supporters and donors who care about your organization. 


Why Donor Curve?


Our experience generating millions of supports and donors for organizations like yours makes happy customers.


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Facebook Ads

Expand your reach and broadcast your message with creative & compelling graphics and video to target your existing and new supporters and further your mission.

Google Ad Grants

Maximize $120,000-worth of Google Ad Grant per year (Free to NPO’s who are approved) to strategically raise awareness and increase support.

Our team has upgraded our review and approval process to this cutting-edge platform to enhance communication and collaboration with our clients.


ApprovedSocial.io allows for seamless reviews, feedback and client approvals all in one convenient location.


Our clients love the upgrade! No more back-and-forth emails or time-consuming meetings just to keep everyone in the loop.

Client Testimonials

Case Studies



This nonprofit generated 40k new supporters, 800+ new donors, and over $150k raised.



This nonprofit generated 95k supporters and $75k donations in just 32 days!  

Mercy International


Our work with this nonprofit fed families in Haiti. They were most recently approved for the Google Ad Grant.


Common Google Ad Grant Nonprofit Questions

How long does Google Ad Grant approval typically take?

1-2 months 

How long has the Google Ad Grant Existed?

Fifteen years. They launched 2 years after adwords was launched. 

How much can my nonprofit get every year from this?

Nonprofits can receive up to $10,000/month or $120,000/year. 

To be eligible for Google Grants an organization must:
  • Hold current and valid charity status (for example, in the US, you must have a current 501(c)(3) status)
  • Acknowledge and agree to Google Grant’s required certifications regarding how to receive and use donations obtained from the grant (we will go into more detail)
  • Have a website that is both functioning and provides adequate detail on your nonprofit

Does your nonprofit qualify for the Google Ad Grant?  

    How Facebook Ads For Nonprofits Works

    Facebook Ads - Emails

    The Facebook ads we create display to the world how your NPO is making a difference.

    We show your cause to interested audiences so that we can continue educating people about your NPO and how they can help.

    This gives you the ability to continue to educate and reach your supporters using the most cost effective medium for NPO’s – Email

    Facebook Ads - Donations

    We get donations for your cause through retargeting ads using a funnel approach, as well as automated emails.

    Those who are interested take an action (like giving us their email address), this shows us their level of commitment to your cause.

    We then use ads, in combination with crucial marketing funnel  to encourage your supporters to donate.





    Common Facebook Ads for Nonprofit Questions

    Is this posting to my social profiles?

    We use facebook and Instagram ads, to promote to the correct audiences that appreciate your cause.

    How much will this cost?

    We will help find the budget that will return a net positive result. The amazing thing about Facebook ads for nonprofits is that it’s typically net even from day one! This means if you get a new supporter to show support for your cause, some % of them will donate immediately to cover your marketing budget.

    Remember, even if your campaigns are not net positive from day one, the email list you will begin building will be profitable for you for years to come! Guaranteeing a positive return on your investment.

    Does this include Instagram?

    Yes. Instagram is a placement we use through Facebook. 

    What do I need?

    You need:

    • Website with secure donation form
    • Facebook page
    • Ad account

    Don’t have these? No problem, we regularly help clients build these, or optimize them.

    We ❤️ working with nonprofits

    NPO’s we serve:





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